We think of luxury as an achievement of comfort that quenches the desire for anything more - a tasteful, thoughtful and understated luxury that creates contentment.


We are active and progressive supporters of sustainable building. Sustainable measures are taken in the design, site placement, construction, operation and maintenance of our properties. This means that our buildings are designed to efficiently use resources (energy, water, materials), with minimal wastage. To achieve even higher levels of sustainability, we are willing to explore the use of cutting-edge technology and materials, and also revive the use of natural materials available locally to substitute more costly, less environmentally-friendly foreign materials.


We are firm proponents of colonial architecture and its revival. With the recent restorations of colonial buildings in malaysia, their beauty, dignity and adaptability to our tropical climate are obvious for all to see. We propose to revive and reinterpret these styles, and once again build with firm purpose, beautiful proportions and exquisite detailing - the hallmarks of this style. In resort developments, we propose tropical architecture for a more relaxed style. both styles of architecture are local in vocabulary, and universal in appeal.